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i miss something, someone
It's so romantic this is from past isn't it? I'm happy and this may be all about it! ♫
I'll forget this and I'm sure he'll forget,too. what is this??? what is this all about?
what was that?
sigh... why? isn't is him??? then, who is it?
I need sweetner...
wth so mant stuff to do this week. I even can't think of next week is comming. so busy... ピンチis チャンス!☆
poor me
sigh... he may got girl friend...so sad...
so uncomfortable... fli kin annoying mixi.
wired girl grew scarely
new life is begining! :) This is a chance to change myself! I'll be on next stage in few moments. Also, this is my second time to say good bye to her. Who knows this is going to be our last? Life always suprise us lol
I L C U agin❤
I love you. I hate you. I don't know my feeling. And I don't think I need to know any more. You just existed in my life and may be my past and future.
I learned a lot from this event. But,I wanna change and knock him down someday. i want him to say, "you win". I 'll go much higher than his matrix, his earning, his all life. And I need to know how to do it first though I will do it for sure! :))
I love new things. Now, I realized I lost my interest on activities that I have done. Is it good or bad?