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I think to do explore what about My name Brandy.
A Brandy is his favorit drink.
Hello, Everyone.

A short while ago, I did shopping on Web shop.
It's Clothes shop.
For a long time, I wanted to buy a clothes.But it was not easy. haha...
But! Finally order a clothes!
I'm look forward to arrive it.Can't wait!
It is tell me a solution for my trouble.
From what I heard on the website, a way for solution for my trouble is Clear mind.
Don't thinking. Not search.
It's difficult to me. But I challenge it.
I ran there is snowy road wear new coat today. (My new coat is very cute )
And I slipped and fell on snow.
And then, I fell on my back because i walk backward, back ran.

Snow is danger. But so beautiful.
I'm searching a topic.(Subject?)
But I have not topic.
So...Good night!
When it The emancipate!!
I'm waiting for the time.
She is worry about it.
so I advice to her what is go to see a doctor.
then, She said "OK, I'll never says and never hear anything."


We have a problem.

(She's be in a good mood now. Give a sigh of relief.)

I'm hurted.
My mom is often no reaction to others says.
so, perhaps be a little deaf in her ear.(I wish it is just because didn't notice voices.)
And I tried to say "Please don't give a irrensponsible answer."
He is the man My love.
If I can saying He is my dear. My hope.

And We are a strangers.
What is more we have a distance.

I dreaming everyday If I'm his part of heart.
But it is not sure.
And I am smaller.
so silently.
You know what.
My Grandfather, Grandma, Father often cough around don't care about manners.

I get offend whenever their behavior at cough.

Please, Becare to cough. I wish they care for us.
I had oversleep today.
so I have not time for exercise.
And I feels few dull on my body.

I often gets oversleep.
I should reflect for it.

What a bother. But it for me.
I wonder i want to Jouka for my power stone one of these days.
Jouka is how some way.My prefer way is 月光浴(a moonbath).
That time between a new moon and a full moon is befit for Gekkouyoku.
I'm waiting for the time of a new moon.