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there it's done!!
I am the only bachelor in the group of my friends and families.
why the standard marry or couple!!Bachelor well also:)
for the first time saturday I used the services of seeking arrangement
strange and bizarre at the same time
what is going on?
eclipse mana hard very long time :)
oh ouais!!!
I watched a documentary ハーフ=métisse en français,je suis blanc/india
It seems a bit difficult to be a mixed couple but not impossible((^_−)☆
Mana this rose is very pale compared to you.
Today the man who will tell you, I love you for the saint Valentine♡
You will tell because you are the most valuable person in his heart.
I am at my office and you make erotic broadcast!!!
OUAIS!!OUAIS!!OUAIS!! merci :(
mana I saw your new US president very unpredictable, not to say singular
comes surely from the hairstyle or abuse of self-tanning
If a problem one day in the US for minority, even if mana jolie minority, I have a solution for you (^_−)☆
I see that you spent the end of year celebrations in Japan
I wish your families and you health, happiness and wealth for 2017.
mana !mana !mana!
me!me!I also have events for you.
In my kitchen, has durban ouaaa! Hummmmmmm!ww
back kenya 12/04
mana 2 or 3 reason for you again become celibate!!! oh oui
too much picture www
Mana 2 clothing is part of the mythology of erotica 磯野まな.
the red ,the rose you have to keep them.
2 erotic moment in my life: wwww ouais 2!!! little ww
1) 8 years my first kiss with tongue:) good and a bit filthy ww
2) the video with the pink skirt.
mana 15 days ago you told me to look here to find you:library! park lake! house stables!
always no trace of you.
you play with me!!!! not Starbucks in my city www starbucks johannesburg,durban,5:30 drive / 40min private plane :)
Chris, I'm here!!! wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
mana during sport prohibits eating ice!!
I finally found you :)
now your the heart is taken (。•́︿•̀。)
you can give my profile to your friends.

chris 7