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thank you for the pleasant moments you have given us this year.
a happy new year to your families, health and happiness.
Joyeux Noël demoiselle mana
with 3 days in advance
mana when I have this video, I drew a parallel between you and me
of course you are the father (wicked) and me this cute child :)
speaks of difficult emotion !!!
I think this guy talks very well about feelings :)
difficult to find a woman like in "perfect"
I wonder why mana very assiduous to dance!for the dancers or the dance :)
a legend says that dancers put socks in their underwear to make more big
mana a polyps is that.
blood in the fecal you
why women slim think to have 2 kg more!
answer:not the good boyfriend to tell them you are beautiful:)
this morning I woke up
I felt a lack!ouais!!oui a lack, which came from my heart
A desire to listen to R Kelly :)

thank you mana thanks to you I know what frustration means!
A strange sensation,merci www
today it is beautiful weather!
Probably because your birthday❤❤
Put up a picture of your favorite strawberry chantilly please, that you normally eat. I want to see it and admire it!
sorry also for my rotten english wwww
you did not understand the metaphor "cake with strawberry and whipped cream"
cakes you!!:)
Hummm! (*¯︶¯*) !☆*:..o(≧▽≦)o.。:*☆Yééééééh ←happinessI do it well?
I wonder if today the world day of happinesswww
happiness this morning, my father cheerful also, the secretary beautiful (the other days ugly).ouais !!
All beautiful today :)
Argn!୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨Aaaaarrh!!←irritation I do it well?
I wonder if today the world day of irritation www
irritation this morning, my father, the coffee machine ouais !!
everything today annoys me

chris 7