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Don't get comfortable in the current situation. I am getting used to the job I do not really like and I get comfortable in it. Then I remind myself that I cannot forget about the big picture just because I am used to this situation. Dream big!!
The change I am facing is scary but it is heading towards my big goal. Step by step, I am getting closer to my dream. It is there. I can achieve it. Just a bit more commitment and patience, I will be there. I live my dream!
I embrace the change I am facing. It is a good move. I am moving towards my life goal, being a healer. Every step I take, it's getting closer to my dream. I know I am a healer and I will not let negatives stop me reaching the goal. My life is good.
Trust myself. I am successful. I am loving and loved. I can create good income. I am caring, kind and fun to be with. I can achieve my dream. I am a healer. I am a massage therapist. I can add a light to people's life. I am all GOOD!
Time is important. It cannot be wasted as it never come back. Follow your intuition and reach your dreams. Do not worry about money or people's opinion. If you are happy, things you desire come to your way. You are the magnet to all the good things!
Good opportunities are coming my way. I need to open my senses and receive all the messages the Universe is providing to me. People are pointing me to the right direction. I meet the right people who bring me the right opportunity. I am ready to receive!
I would like to express my true feelings and emotions easily and freely. I get embarrassed when I want to express my emotion. It would be wonderful if I can say 'i love you' without getting embarrassed. Nothing to be ashamed about. Love the feeling.
I felt my third eye open. During the meditation, I saw my hands opening a door, and a ball of bright purply light emerging from the behind. I could not see who was there yet, but I felt sensation on the third eye area. I would like to find out more.
I am trying to listen to my body reaction and respect the feeling I get when I faces with a situation or a person. I am not obliged to do anything against my will. When I feel unease with something, it must be my intuition telling me to stop!
Life is so exciting! There is nothing to worry about as my guides, angels and the Universe is looking after me and provide me with what I want. I get what best for me. Listen to my intuition and tune into messages from my spirits, Iife is so wonderful!!
Thank you my guides and angels for bringing me right opportunities, right people to meet and right situations at the right timing for me to move forward towards becoming brighter, happier me. Life is so good and I trust you to lead my way.
Thank you, my angels and spirit guides, for bringing me a person I needed to see to assure me for the new beginning. I am sure this was your signal to say I am ready to make a move. I feel confident enough to start what I want to do and be successful!
Thank you, my angels and guides, for providing sunny day so I could walk home. It would be nice if someone gives me a ride home, but I think it was your sign to say I needed some exercise and fresh air. It was a nice walk!
Thirty days of giving still continues. I am doing my very best to smile to everyone I meet everyday, talk in positives, give encouragement, show my gratitude to everyone and every occasion. With the support from my angels and guides, my life is very good.
Thank you, angels and guides, for finding me a nice pair of shoes to match with my little black dress. Thanks to you all, I now have a dress, a top, a pair of shoes for formal occasions! I would like a bag and occasions to wear my little black dress!!

Tim Tom

my spiritual journey has began.